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Kunst- und Designatelier Stefan Tremel
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My motto

Art is a universal language, an original form of communication which

overcomes the different limits posed by human restrictions.


My motto:



My objects

Exciting, thrilling, distinctive!

Art both for small and large individual living spaces.

Unique and sensitively modern pieces, befitting a special lifestyle.

My aesthetic, albeit idiosyncratic creations make a visit to my studio rooms

become an exceptionally sensuous experience. And it is not only here, but also in your neighbourhood that these works will constitute an optical cynosure where

you may take your friends’ and acquaintances’ admiration for granted.

A further benefit from my extraordinary objects resides in their incremental value, they are equivalent to a safe financial investment.
When you are looking for the absolutely aesthetically idiosyncratic, have your personal uniques fabricated by me.

Befitting your villa, garden, your loft and your yacht.



Stefan Tremel