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About Me

I am
Stefan Tremel
born in Munich in 1957.

During my childhood and adolescence already, one could not pigeonhole me in a standardized manner.

I cut my own independent path.
I have furthered my artistic development on my own.
Study visits and working stays in England, Greece, Italy, Spain.
Acquisitions: Renowned international companies and associations like Toyota, Panpharma, Amnesty International etc. as well as private collectors in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Israel and the Asian region have long since realized my works are investments.

Activities: Due to my long experience in the fields of wood and metal design, object and space styling, my creativity is permanently being stimulated.


Creation of trick fountains, light objects, design furniture.

Cooperation with amnesty international:

Since 1993, I have been supporting amnesty international’s work with large objects on the topic of human rights. Since then there have, time and again, occurred actions in the public space using changing cenotaphs.

Gratefully recognizing my supporting their work via artistic achievement and personal commitment, ai awarded me a certificate in 1996.

My elements:

My favoured elements are wood, light, iron, stainless steel and water.

But I also like to employ paint, plastics, glass, ceramics and, further, quite novel materials from the industry for my works in a sensitive manner.

Over and over again, it is a wonderfully exciting challenge for me to combine these different materials and shape them into new topical forms.

It is not only pleasure which those who see and touch my fascinating and distinctive objects shall experience.

Part of my works deals with the topics of human rights, society and environment and is supposed to be thought-proving in a special manner.

National and international press comments say I am right in my work.
Since 1986 own studio (creative space) in Munich, where I have been happy to welcome celebrities like art collector Lothar Günter Buchheim and children’s book author Ellis Kaut.